The FIBA Executive Committee held its first meeting of 2023, with the men's World Cup high on the agenda ©

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Executive Committee has approved the creation of a player experience programme at its first meeting of the year.

This proposal came from the Competitions Commission, focusing on physical, emotional and digital experiences at FIBA events.

It seeks to add to the emphasis on player experience at this year's men's FIBA Basketball World Cup in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, which forms the main event on this year's calendar and was a key discussion point at the Executive Committee meeting.

The Executive Committee was updated on preparations for the final window of qualifiers later this month from February 23 to 27 and for the World Cup itself, including the draw in Manila on April 29.

FIBA has agreed to play several matches on the last game day of qualification in the Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe regions at the same time in a bid to "protect the integrity of the competition".

The Basketball World Cup is scheduled for August 25 to September 10, with 17 of the 32 places secured.

Reports were also provided to the Executive Committee on this year's FIBA Women's Continental Cups, serving as qualifiers for the FIBA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournaments and the new Women's Basketball World Cup Pre-Qualifiers.

The Women's EuroBasket 2023 is scheduled for June 15 to 25, and the Women's Asia Cup from June 26 to July 2.

Qualifiers for the men's FIBA Basketball World Cup are due to conclude later this month from February 23 to 27 ©Getty Images
Qualifiers for the men's FIBA Basketball World Cup are due to conclude later this month from February 23 to 27 ©Getty Images

The Women's AmeriCup is due to be held from July 1 to 9, and the Women's AfroBasket from July 28 to August 6.

The Executive Committee heard reports on 3x3 basketball international competitions and the professional circuit, with the FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup the first scheduled event of the year on March 29 in Singapore.

Status reports were additionally provided on FIBA's strategic priorities of empowering National Federations, increasing the role of women in basketball and enlarging the FIBA family, and on FIBA's club competitions including the new West Asia Super League and Youth Basketball Champions League.

FIBA added that it has "taken note" of International Olympic Committee (IOC) announcements seeking to "explore a pathway" for the return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to international sport, and would "continue participating in the consultation process".

The IOC has insisted that each International Federation is "the sole authority for its international competitions", and FIBA said it would consider "the specificities applicable to basketball as a team sport".

The Executive Committee also reaffirmed its support to the Basketball Federation of Ukraine for its efforts to qualify for 3x3 tournaments at Paris 2024.