Trains in Victoria are to get cheaper from March 31 ©Getty Images

The Victoria State Government is set to bring in lower train fares in March in a bid to bring the regions closer together, which could act as a boost with the 2026 Commonwealth Games on the horizon.

Prior to the November election, both Labor and Liberal campaigns promised to cut the cost of regional train prices, with this being implemented by the Labor Government.

A cap has now been made that makes the maximum daily travel cost on V/Line trains in the region just AUD $9.20 (£5.20/$6.40/€6.00).

The last fare cut in 2007 of 20 per cent saw a surge in the use of V/Line trains.

These new fare prices come into effect on March 31.

Ballarat convenor of the Public Transport Users Association Ben Lever called it a "positive one".

"The V/line fares are not competitive with driving and they're not proportional to distance travelled," said Lever, according to ABC.

"So, there is a big leap when you leave Melbourne and get out into the regions, and the fares go up substantially.

"So there definitely is a need for a reduction."

Victoria is due to host the next edition of the Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images
Victoria is due to host the next edition of the Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images

These services cover the Commonwealth Games hubs of Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and Gippsland.

Warrnambool Mayor Debbie Arnott said she was revelling at the prospect of improved local tourism.

"I think it'll be a wonderful boost for our local tourism sector," she said.

"Also, you're going to have a lot of people [from this region] that have medical appointments in Melbourne.

"I'm hoping [it will mean] people will think: 'While we're in the regions for the [Commonwealth] Games, let's jump a train and go a little bit further'.

"Then it'll allow them to budget for a night or two's accommodation."

The Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games are scheduled to take place from March 17 to 29 2026.