Karen Bass has started early on her pledge to end homelessness before LA28 ©Getty Images

Karen Bass, who was recently elected the new Mayor of Los Angeles, has pledged to improve the issue of homelessness, calling a state of emergency over the problem in the host city for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Sworn in officially on Sunday (December 11), Bass made the decision on her first full day in office, signing the declaration in a room called the "United Homelessness Response Centre", saying it would "make sure we are using every resource possible".

"I will not accept a homelessness crisis that afflicts more than 40,000 individuals and affects every one of us," said Bass, according to AFP.

"My mandate is to move Los Angeles in a new direction with an urgent and strategic approach to solving one of our city's toughest challenges.

"Using the emergency order is our ability to fast-track things."

Her aim is to see homelessness end by the time the city hosts the Games, making it and fair renting her priority over preparations for the Games just now.

Bass is expected to sign several executive orders targeting homelessness, while focusing on providing temporary housing by leasing apartments and motel rooms.

The former United States congresswoman defeated property developer Rick Caruso to the position of Mayor, taking over from Eric Garcetti.

In a run-off with the billionaire Caruso, Bass won with 54.84 per cent of the vote.

Los Angeles infamously has thousands of people sleeping rough across the city ©Getty Images
Los Angeles infamously has thousands of people sleeping rough across the city ©Getty Images

Mental health problems and substance abuse remain among the issues for the homeless in Los Angeles, as well as high healthcare costs and soaring housing prices for mortgages and rent.

Cost of living in the city is among the highest in the US too.

Social development will be one of the key areas for Bass in the build-up to the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics and Paralympics, 44 years on from the last time the city held the Games.

The Los Angeles 2028 Olympics are scheduled to take place from July 21 to August 6 2028, followed by the Paralympics from August 15 to 27.

Los Angeles has the highest population of homeless people in the US behind New York City.