Geoffrey Borg demanded GAISF associate members be treated with respect after the body's dissolution ©ITG

International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) executive director Geoffrey Borg has demanded that associate members of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) be treated more fairly following the latter's dissolution.

IMSA is an associate member of the umbrella organisation alongside the likes of the Commonwealth Games Federation, the International Paralympic Committee, and the International World Games Association.

GAISF, the umbrella body for all Olympic and non-Olympic International Federations (IFs), was voted to be dissolved at its Extraordinary General Assembly yesterday.

It comprised members from the Association of International Olympic Committee Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF), Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), the Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federation (AIOWF) and the Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport (ARISF).

Representatives from these will then be on a new SportAccord Membership Commission that will be tasked with recognising IFs.

Borg was left unsatisfied with GAISF's proposal for associate members, which states that they will be granted just observer status at the SportAccord General Assembly.

"I think we need to be a little bit fairer to these organisations, not just treating them as observers but actually saying that the SportAccord Executive Committee will work concretely to at least maintaining the status that today the associate members enjoy," Borg said.

Ivo Ferriani, second left, vowed to allow Borg to raise the issue at future meetings as he hopes to have the new constitution amended ©ITG
Ivo Ferriani, second left, vowed to allow Borg to raise the issue at future meetings as he hopes to have the new constitution amended ©ITG

"It is very clear that the associate members do have an important part to play in the world of sport.

"We do require your collaboration on this and of course we do wish to retain the status.

"Observer status in a future organisation is very much off the cuff.

"It is not equivalent to us being treated as a family.

"For us, it is like being treated as second-class citizens so we are saying at least modify this.

"We don't require money from GAISF, none of us are looking for money.

"If you want to share the money that's fine with us but at least maintain the status of respect where you say, 'Listen guys, you are allowed to be part of the family and participate in the conventions, and the forum, and the actual discussions', because that is at least what we expect."

In response, GAISF President Ivo Ferriani gave his word "to consider the position of the associate members in the correct and fair way".

The Italian assured Borg that he would have the chance to raise the question to the new panel and discuss what his position should be, with Ferriani promising to "support the request personally".