The countdown is continuing to the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, with concerns surrounding human rights and same-sex relationships overshadowing the tournament build-up ©Getty Images

The Qatar Supreme Committee has apologised to a television crew from Denmark after interrupting their live broadcast in the build-up to the FIFA World Cup.

Rasmus Tantholdt from TV2 was broadcasting in Doha yesterday when he was approached by World Cup security staff.

Footage of the incident shows Tantholdt attempting to display his credentials to security personnel, before accusing them of wanting to break the crew’s camera, as reported by L’Equipe.

The Qatar Supreme Committee said following the incident that the crew’s broadcast had been "interrupted by mistake."

"After inspection of the team's valid accreditation and filming permit, an apology was presented to the broadcaster by on-site security before the team resumed its activity," a statement from the Supreme Committee said.

In a tweet following the incident Tantholdt said he had received an apology from the Qatar International Media Office and Qatar Supreme Committee, before asking whether a similar incident "would happen to other media as well."

Concerns surrounding the country’s record on human rights and same-sex relationships have overshadowed the build-up to the tournament, which is due to begin on Sunday (November 20) when Qatar face Ecuador.

Last week, FIFA banned Denmark from wearing a training shirt criticising the country’s human rights record.

The Danish Football Association has pledged to continue its work to promote human rights in the country despite the restrictions, with the nation’s captain Simon Kjaer set to join his counterparts from England, Wales, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland in wearing the OneLove armband - in order to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ discrimination in the country.