Cricket Scotland is set to investigate 43 allegations of racism following an external review ©Getty Images

Cricket Scotland has confirmed it will investigate 43 allegations of racism against 27 people, two clubs and two regional associations following the completion of an independent review.

In total there were 52 unique complaints as part of the external process led by sports law firm Harper MacLeod, race equality charity Sporting Equals, and anti-racism campaign group Running Out Racism.

Out of the 43 complaints, 22 are due to be formally investigated while seven are said to require further information to inform the next steps, and four are expected to result in a constructive outcome or are paused due to an ongoing legal process.

"The report was clear in its findings and we are moving forward in making the changes required to make Scottish cricket an exemplar going forward" said interim chief executive of Cricket Scotland Gordon Arthur.

"However, we recognise that a more detailed investigation of a number of past issues is a critical part of the process in rebuilding trust, and redressing mistakes of the past.

"Only when referrals have been investigated fully, will we be able to decide what action might be taken in individual circumstances, to bring closure to those involved.

"It is important that this work is carried out sensitively and diligently and I want to express my sincere thanks to those who have raised complaints.

"I am acutely aware of just how difficult this process has been for everyone involved.

The review into Cricket Scotland was initiated after Majid Haq accused the body or being
The review into Cricket Scotland was initiated after Majid Haq accused the body or being "institutionally racist" ©Getty Images

"We want to see positive change in our sport and this process is central to achieving that."

In addition, there are nine non-race related complaints which are due to be taken forward relating to workplace culture and human resources processes within the organisation.

As a result of the review, Cricket Scotland is setting up the Conduct in Sport Panel to deal with referrals that are investigated and from which disciplinary cases are prosecuted.

It will respond to future disciplinary issues and will make recommendations to the governing body for final decisions.

Furthermore, Cricket Scotland is set to provide equality, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism training and has promised to apologise and reconcile with the victims.

sportscotland launched the independent review last December after Majid Haq, the country’s all-time leading wicket taker, accused Cricket Scotland of being "institutionally racist" in an interview with Sky Sports News.

It led to the entire Board of Directors quitting the day before its release.