The World Judo Day theme for 2022 is inclusion ©IJF

International Judo Federation (IJF) President Marius Vizer has called on athletes and National Federations to show that all are welcome in the sport, in line with this year's World Judo Day theme of inclusion.

The annual event is celebrated on October 28 each year to coincide with the birthday of judo founder Jigoro Kano.

"World Judo Day is a moment for gathering around the values conveyed by judo," said Vizer.

"The world needs unity, solidarity, friendship and peace especially today.

"Our judo family has proven many times that it has the ability to unite because together we are stronger.

"The 2022 theme of inclusion has several dimensions.

"First of all, it called for the inclusion of women at all levels of judo from early childhood to adulthood."

The IJF claims that by focusing on inclusion, it wants to show that there is a path to a fairer and more equitable society.

"Our sport is based on non-discrimination, and we call on our judoka, our sports associations, and all federations to show that all people have their place in society and their right must be protected," Vizer continued.

"Inclusion is vital, especially in humanity's most difficult moments.

"Today our world is also facing unprecedented climate and humanitarian crises, with growing numbers of refugees and many other people who are suffering.

"Judo philosophy teaches us to stand and support all people in need.

"This means that the World Judo Day theme goes one step further by promoting the inclusion of everyone."

World Judo Day has run annually since its inception in 2011.

Previous themes have highlighted the importance of being active, climate change and solidarity.