British Gymnastics has released Reform '25 in response to the Whyte Review ©British Gymnastics

British Gymnastics has made a commitment to deliver change within the sport following the release of its Reform '25 plan that has received input from athletes, coaches and clubs.

The 40-point action plan aims to change gymnastics over the next two years to create safe, positive and fair experiences for all stakeholders.

It is in response to the Whyte Review which detailed the extent of the abuse within international gymnastics.

The reforms are focused across key interconnected areas - culture and strategy, welfare, safeguarding and complaints, education and development, and performance.

It states that there will "a zero tolerance of abuse of any kind - whether that be emotional, physical, or sexual".

The governing body is committed to a transparent approach and will publish a list of banned coaches on its website.

Coach education has also been prioritised in a bid to create a "new generation of coaches to break the cycle of poor past practice."

New gymnast, coach, and club groups will be set up and it is claimed that they will play a central role in informing actions and providing insight for future plans.

Independent scrutiny has been identified as a vital point of change and as a result an external advisor, Dr Catherine Bishop, has been appointed to provide an outside perspective and questioning on how British Gymnastics implements reforms.

Bishop is a three-time Olympian rower who went on to be a diplomat for the British Foreign Office for 12 years, specialising in policy and negotiations on conflict issues.

"We've got things wrong in the past and change must start with us," said Sarah Powell, chief executive of British Gymnastics.

"We've already made progress but there’s still much more to do, and the Reform '25 action plan sets out our commitment and action to achieving that over the next two years, with independent scrutiny to hold us to account.

"We also know this is an opportunity for wider sporting reform, and we're committed to playing our part and adding our voice to drive through change to make sport safer."

Reform '25 can be accessed here.