Amélie Oudéa-Castéra wants the CNOSF to calm down following a chaotic few weeks ©Getty Images

French Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra is appealing for the French Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) to calm down as it continues to be rocked by a governance crisis less than two years before Paris 2024.

Brigitte Henriques, the President of the CNOSF, successfully ousted Didier Séminet as the organisation's secretary general last month after an absolute majority of 45 members voted to dismiss the official during an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors.

Henriques has since filed a complaint for "psychological violence" against Séminet on either September 19 or 20 following what was claimed to have been a long period of disagreement among key figures at the body.

The former international footballer reportedly detailed meetings over several months in which the secretary general had "shocked" her with "threatening behaviour", creating a situation of increasing difficulty for her.

However, the full details of the crisis remain unclear.

Henriques, who became the first female President in CNOSF's 49-year history in June last year, took two days of sick leave last week to "preserve her health and protect herself".

In an interview with L'Équipe, Oudéa-Castéra confirmed she has checked the health of both the President and former secretary general but noted the dangers of this crisis and insisted the CNOSF needs to compose itself.

Brigitte Henriques launched a
Brigitte Henriques launched a "psychological violence" lawsuit against Didier Séminet after his dismissal ©Getty Images

"From the moment the subject becomes a personal subject, I care about people," she said.

"I called the two main protagonists to be reassured about their health or their ability to cope with the situation.

"But there is also concern for the higher interests of French sport and our Olympic challenges.

"I need a calm CNOSF that quickly gets back to work to deliver what is expected of it within the framework of the Olympic agenda, in conjunction with the employees to whom I would like to express my support."

She added: "The IOC [International Olympic Committee] is attentive, vigilant to the situation and, like me, eager for it to calm down, for the CNOSF to come together and move forward in a constructive manner."

During her leave, Henriques delegated operational parts of her responsibilities to four key officials in build up to a potentially critical Board meeting on Wednesday (October 12).

Jean-Pierre Siutat was one of four officials Brigitte Henriques entrusted while she stepped away from her duties ©Getty Images
Jean-Pierre Siutat was one of four officials Brigitte Henriques entrusted while she stepped away from her duties ©Getty Images

This was Jean-Pierre Siutat, President of the French Basketball Federation and vice-president of the CNOSF, treasurer Michel Caillot, deputy general secretary Astrid Guyart and Sébastien Poirier, vice-president of the CNOSF and President of the Motorcycling Federation.

Oudéa-Castéra expressed her support for this temporary solution, noting Henriques needed time to "recover her strength".

Henriques is expected to be present at the Board of Directors meeting this week, where she could face questioning over her decision to instigate Séminet's removal.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Guy Drut had warned against Séminet's potential dismissal less than two years before Paris 2024 and said it would be a "serious and unprecedented" move if Henriques were to oust Séminet.

Drut also noted that he was unaware of what Séminet was being accused of and added that fellow French IOC members Martin Fourcade, David Lappartient and Jean-Christophe Rolland are also in the dark.

Séminet is Honorary President of the French Baseball Federation and was a candidate for Presidency of the World Baseball Softball Confederation, before being beaten by Italian Riccardo Fraccari in July, as he secured a second term in office.