World Judo Day 2022 aims to increase the amount of women in the sport ©Getty Images

The International Judo Federation (IJF) has chosen inclusion to be its theme for this year's World Judo Day, set to take place on October 28, and preparations are underway.

Inclusion has been selected as the governing body aims to increase the number of women participating in judo across all levels and ages.

The IJF claims that judo is based on a concept of non-discrimination and as a result has called on all judoka and National Federations to prove that women are welcome in the sport in any role, such as athletes, leaders, coaches and more.

"Like in any other family, our international judo family's inclusivity produces excellence; a family offering all its members fair chances and opportunities," IJF President Marius Vizer said.

"Our choice of theme for the 2022 World Judo Day honours all women who are the links that bind people, groups or even nations together.

"Inclusion is vital, especially in humanity’s most difficult moments.

World Judo Day is set to take place on October 28 with a focus on inclusion ©IJF
World Judo Day is set to take place on October 28 with a focus on inclusion ©IJF

"Today our world is facing unprecedented humanitarian crises, with growing numbers of refugees and many other people who are suffering.

"Our judo philosophy teaches us to stand and support all people in need.

"This means that the World Judo Day theme goes one step further, by promoting the inclusion of everyone: internally displaced people, refugees, mentally and physically challenged people, all people."

The IJF states that by focusing on inclusion, it wants to show that there is "a path to a fairer, more equitable society".

Previous World Judo Day themes have highlighted the importance of being active, climate change and solidarity.