Ukrainian Fencing Federation President Vadym Huttsait has pleaded for the ban on Russia and Belarus to be continued ©Getty Images

Ukrainian Sports Minister Vadym Huttsait, who is also the Ukrainian Fencing Federation President, has urged national and international officials in sport to continue banning Russian and Belarusian athletes.

He penned an emotional letter detailing the impacts of the war amid Russia's battle against the current ban.

The Russian Fencing Federation requested that its athletes be allowed to compete as neutrals but it was rejected by the International Fencing Federation (FIE).

"Russia continues its bloody war against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people," wrote Guttsait, as reported by Francs Jeux, a Barcelona 1992 sabre team Olympic gold medallist.

"Every day Russia bombs the cities of Ukraine, not the military targets, but the homes of civilians.

"A considerable number of Ukrainian men, women and children die every day because of Russian attacks.

"More than 3,000 athletes have gone to war to defend their country.

"More than 100 of them are already dead.

"It is impossible to continue sports training under air attacks and artillery fire.

The war in Ukraine has destroyed 111 sports facilities in the country so far, according to  Vadym Huttsait ©Getty Images
The war in Ukraine has destroyed 111 sports facilities in the country so far, according to Vadym Huttsait ©Getty Images

"In addition, 111 sports facilities have been destroyed so far by the Russians, including one of the largest fencing centres, Club Unifekht in Kharkiv.

"Thousands of young athletes are forced to leave their homes to escape war.

"No Russian or Belarusian athlete has spoken out against the war.

"Therefore, the Ukrainian Fencing Federation urges the FIE and all national federations to follow the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee and not to allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in official competitions, even under the FIE flag."

Despite the recommendations, neither the Russian or Belarusian National Olympic Committees have been suspended by the IOC, and no action has been taken against Russian IOC members.

Elected officials of both countries have also largely retained their positions, including participating in Congresses of FIFA, the International Skating Union and the International Boxing Association.

Bans on Russia and Belarus have been drawn increasingly into focus with some sports having already begun qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.