Tirana is set to host the IWF Electoral Congress in two months time ©Getty Images

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has confirmed its Electoral Congress is scheduled to take place in Albania's capital Tirana from June 25 to 26.

Albania defeated nine other nations to the hosting rights.

The IWF has called Albania a "neutral setting", citing there are no candidates up for election from the host nation at the Electoral Congress.

IWF general secretary Mohamed Jaloud said there was "overwhelming interest from around the world" in the bid, while IWF Interim President Mike Irani said he was happy to be heading to Albania.

"We are so pleased to be heading to Tirana for the 2022 IWF Electoral Congress," said Irani.

"This is a very important milestone for us, as we were asked by our Olympic partners to address three issues this past year - first updating our constitution which has been completed, second cleaning up our sport from doping which we are happy to report that there have been zero cases in Tokyo 2020 and now the election coming up this summer will complete all three. 

"I am looking forward to the Congress and to the important decisions we will make for the future of our sport."

Mike Irani is the interim President of the IWF ©IWF
Mike Irani is the interim President of the IWF ©IWF

Last month, the organisation searched for applicants to host the Electoral Congress which has been postponed twice due to governance and procedural issues, initially set to take place on March 26 and 27, 2021.

It was then delayed until December 20 and 21 before being called off in November last year by the Executive Board.

Several serving Board members were originally deemed ineligible following a vetting process, however this process is being redone, as the ineligibility decisions were themselves deemed inapplicable because of procedural problems.

"We are so pleased to have been selected as host of the 2022 IWF Electoral Congress," added Albanian Olympic Committee President Fidel Ylli.

"With our hosting and hospitality experience, we know that we will be able to provide the IWF with all the support needed to host an excellent event. 

"Furthermore, the IWF is a great partner with a dynamic future, we are looking forward to welcoming the weightlifting family to Tirana in June."

Weightlifting looks to keep its position at the Olympic Games after failing to make the cut for the preliminary programme for Los Angeles 2028.

Critics within the sport blame corruption, doping scandals and governance issues for this problem that have continued following the ousting of long-standing former President Tamas Ajan.