WADA is celebrating the 8th edition of Play True Day with reference to the war in Ukraine ©Getty Images

The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has marked the eighth edition of Play True Day, with President Witold Bańka claiming the principles underpinning clean sport are sadly lacking from the world a present.

The annual event is held to promote clean sport and raise awareness among athletes and the wider public of the importance of preventing doping.

"Clean sport is about fairness, harmony and respect, three things that the world is lacking right now," Bańka said.

"More than ever, let’s stand together in solidarity and 'Play True for Peace'."

Play True Day started after a group of 17 Latin American countries attended a WADA education conference in 2013.

Since then the event has grown and was claimed to reach 87 million people via digital platforms in 2021.

The event now sees numerous individuals and organisations take part worldwide.

This year's event was almost postponed in light of the ongoing events in Ukraine but after a consultation with its members, WADA decided to go ahead with Play True Day.

On the decision to go ahead with the event WADA said: "The feeling is that values such as fairness, integrity and respect for rules, which are embodied within the Play True message, contribute to harmony in sport and society."

Bańka added: "We stand with the people of Ukraine and with all others that are living in such vulnerable circumstances worldwide."

WADA Athlete Committee chair Ben Sandford said: "At the WADA Athlete Committee, we are dedicated to working for athletes to make sure they have rights and to make sure they are part of the decision-making process for issues that affect them."

Athletes and organisations have been encouraged to share their stories of fair play and hard work with the hashtags "#PlayTrueDay" and "#PlayTrueforPeace" to mark the occasion.