Campaigners have continued to demonstrate against Olympic construction projects at Aubervilliers ©Twitter/JAD - Jardins à défendre d'Aubervilliers

Demonstrators have continued their campaign against construction work in Aubervilliers, opposing the demolition of allotments which will allow for a training pool for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games to be built.

A march was held yesterday by campaigners, including the Gardens to Defend in Aubervilliers and Saccage 2024 groups.

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, around 300 people participated in the "March for the climate of 93" demonstration.

The march took place from Pantin to Aubervilliers in the Seine-Saint-Denis department of Paris.

Demonstrators said they had breached the construction site in Aubervilliers, before being stopped by police.

Compost was also spread in front of the Aubervilliers town hall, it was claimed.

Last week, the Paris Administrative Court of Appeal had ordered the immediate halting of work on the training pool in Aubervilliers.

The court had previously ordered a revision of a local urban plan, following opposition over the demolition of 17 allotments as part of the project.

Work had continued at the site, with the Municipality of Aubervilliers having considered that the building permit had not been called into question by the decision.

Environmental associations opposing the demolition of the allotments succeeded in a challenge last week which forced work to cease immediately.

The project has been the subject of a long-running legal challenge.

Activists had previously chained themselves to machinery in an attempt to prevent work from starting at the construction site, which required police intervention.

Construction at the site was briefly suspended by the same court in September, following legal challenges from local residents and environmentalists.

The project for the pool in Aubervilliers is budgeted at €33 million (£27.6 million/$37.5 million).

The facility is expected to be made available to residents after the Games.

La Défense Arena in western Paris is set to be the main venue for aquatics events at Paris 2024.

Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic organisers claim they are already following the directives of the 2015 Paris Accord on Climate Change and Sustainability.

The Organising Committee has committed to organising the first Olympic and Paralympic Games with a positive contribution to the climate before 2030 and to reduce their carbon emissions by 50 per cent.

The latest demonstration was held a day after a march was held in the centre of Paris, where demonstrators called for climate action by politicians.

Thousands were claimed to have participated in the march on Saturday, which called for climate change to be a key topic in the build-up to France’s Presidential election.

The French Presidential election will be held on April 10.

A runoff between the top two could be held on April 24, should none of the candidates achieve a first-round majority.