Russia played at the 2019 Rugby World Cup, but have been banished from qualification for the 2023 event ©Getty Images

Georgia's qualification for the 2023 Rugby World Cup has been confirmed thanks to Russia's disqualification from the competition.

Russia and Belarus have been suspended from all international rugby union by World Rugby in response to the invasion of Ukraine, leaving the Russians unable to complete the Rugby Europe Championship.

The Rugby World Cup Board has determined that Russia's remaining matches will be classed as abandoned, and their opponents given four points.

Georgia were among those opponents, so now have 35 points from eight matches.

The undefeated Georgians cannot finish outside of the top two, and therefore become the 15th team to have qualified for next year's 15-a-side men's World Cup in France.

Portugal and bottom side The Netherlands are the others to benefit from a walkover versus Russia.

Spain, Portugal and Romania are all in contention to finish second or third.

Second place comes with a World Cup berth, third means a trip to the last-chance global qualifier. 

Russia did qualify for the 2019 World Cup in Japan, where they lost all four matches.

So too did Georgia, who managed to beat Uruguay in the pool stage.

Russian national teams have become sporting pariahs since the invasion of Ukraine.

The International Olympic Committee has advised that Russian and Belarusian athletes be banned from international sport outright, and all 40 Olympic International Federations have banned their national flags.

Only in international cycling, judo, aquatics, skateboarding and tennis events may they compete as neutrals - plus at club or franchise level in a variety of other sports.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed since the invasion of Ukraine began - at least 549 according to the United Nations, although the true figure is believed to be far higher.

More than 2.2 million refugees have fled Ukraine and the Russian military offensive is now targeting new cities, including Dnipro.

The invasion of Ukraine marked the third time in 14 years that Russia had broken the Olympic truce, a fact Georgians were familiar with before it helped the rugby team reach the World Cup.

In 2008, Russian and Georgia forces clashed in disputed territory South Ossetia while the Beijing 2008 Olympics took place in China.