Guild Esports' new corporate headquarters and academy is set to open in the second quarter of 2022 ©Guild Esports

The Guild Esports company, co-owned by former England football captain David Beckham, has signed a 10-year property lease to launch a corporate headquarters and an academy in London.

The facility is being refitted and is expected to open in the second quarter of this year, and is based on a 9,831 square feet site in the Shoreditch area of Britain's capital city.

This three-floor space, which includes a roof-top terrace, previously served as an office and a workshop.

The Guild Academy is to be based on similar facilities used by Premier League football clubs, including esports training rooms, equipment, gaming spaces and a specialist fitness training room where players will have access to mental and physical wellbeing support.

This is designed to accompany the online training portal for players.

Guild Esports' head office functions will also be managed from the site, which it claims "will open a range of commercialisation, branding and sponsorship opportunities".

A content and editing suite will feature at the headquarters, with streaming rooms to be used to promote the production of content and audience growth for the lifestyle brand.

A merchandise shop is also planned.

David Beckham, who made 115 caps for England's national football team, said he was
David Beckham, who made 115 caps for England's national football team, said he was "really excited" by Guild Esports' latest development ©Getty Images

Beckham, who made 115 caps during a 14-year international career for England, co-founded Guild Esports in June 2020.

He expects the space to prove a major asset for the esports team.

"I am really excited by the new global headquarters for Guild, which also sees the creation of a new home for the Guild Academy," Beckham said.

"This marks the next important stage in building Guild’s position as one of the world’s top esports organisations and it will be a focal point for our players, creators and our many global fans."

Under the lease agreement, Guild Esports has a 26-month period free of rent and a break clause which it can activate after five years.

The company said discussions with potential naming rights sponsors for the headquarters are ongoing.

Its chief executive Kal Hourd commented: "The creation of an iconic location for our Guild Academy and headquarters in London’s hottest technology hub will serve as a beacon and inspiration to our global fanbase, content creators, sponsors and other stakeholders.

"In addition to nurturing new talent and providing state of the art training grounds for our pro teams, we also expand upon brand recognition and unlock a range of commercialisation opportunities, which we look forward to realising in due course."

Guild Esports field competitive teams in Apex Legends, Guild X, Fortnite, Rocket League and FIFA.