Adrian Tuhanuku, the Organising Committee's senior sport delivery manager, left, announced funding for National Federations to prepare for the 2023 Pacific Games ©Solomon Islands 2023

The Organising Committee of the Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games has launched a funding programme to support National Federations aiming to compete at the Games.

Adrian Tuhanuku, Solomon Islands 2023's senior sport delivery manager, announced SBD50,000 (£4,600/$6,200/€5,400) of funding is available for National Federations to ensure they deliver their respective athletes to the Pacific Games well-prepared.

Any National Federation signing up to an agreement requires clearance from the National Sports Council (NSC) and the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI).

The Solomon Islands Weightlifting Federation, Solomon Islands Golf Federation and Solomon Islands Volleyball Federation signed up to the scheme on Thursday (December 16).

The national governing bodies for golf, tennis and boxing have also gained clearance from the NSC and NOCSI, while six other National Federations are awaiting clearance.

Twenty-four National Federations are confirmed to be organising sports at the 2023 Games, scheduled to take place from November 19 to December 2 2023.

To qualify for the funding, National Federations must possess a bank account, have an auditing finance officer, be a registered sports body and have good relations with their respective International Federation and the NSC and NOCSI.

Tuhanuku said: "In terms of utilising the funds, Federations are required to settle all or any outstanding affiliation fees they may have with the NOCSI, NSC and their International Federations up until 2024, which will enable Federations that are inactive to restore some kind of functionality while enhancing those that are already active.

"The funding support comprises of two components, which are the functional component based on the basic requirements that will enable Federations to become functional and the strengthening component to assist the Federations in their administrative operational costs.

"Any other payment that is outside of a set payment eligibility schedule will be subject to approval by the GOC’s Sport Delivery Department."

Organising Committee chief executive Peter Stewart added: "While the focus has been on preparation for the 2023 Pacific Games, not much attention has been given to the governance and administration of National Federations. 

"The Games emphasises the importance of having functioning Federations capable of supporting its mission to deliver in 2023."