The Global Association of International Sports Federations could be dissolved in 2022 ©GAISF

Plans to scrap the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) as soon as next May appear to be running into the sand, with the leadership of the umbrella body’s most numerous stakeholder group claiming that such a timetable would not permit adequate consultation.

In a letter to GAISF President Ivo Ferriani, whose "Formal Calling Notice" first revealed that dissolution would be on the agenda of a GAISF General Assembly next May, the Council of the Association of International Olympic Committee (IOC) Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF) calls for a "clear roadmap" while opining that it will not be possible to reach a decision under this stated timeframe.

The letter said that "many" ARISF members had "expressed concerns".

The full text of the letter, which is dated December 3 2021 and has been seen by insidethegames, reads as follows:

"Dear President Ferriani, Dear GAISF Council members,

"The ARISF Council met on November 30 and discussed the correspondence received on the 17 November, whereby the dissolution of GAISF was announced to be one items [sic] of discussion at the next General Assembly in May 2022.

"The ARISF Council was unanimous in concluding that the potential dissolution of GAISF was a matter which would require significant stakeholder consultation. 

"Any consultation must be prefaced by a clear description of the motivations and objectives for any potential change, the potential consequences for all stakeholders and alternative approaches for reaching the objectives.

"A reasonable time to collect consultation answers from all GAISF members and other stakeholders must be allowed for. 

The letter calls for a
The letter calls for a "clear roadmap" to be established regarding the possible dissolution of GAISF ©ITG

"Many ARISF members have expressed concerns to the ARISF Council regarding this issue and in our opinion, it will not be possible to reach a decision at the GAISF General Assembly in May 2022.

"We propose that the GAISF Council set a clear roadmap, including a reasonable timeline, for conducting a review of the matter including the consultation as mentioned above.

"Furthermore, we suggest that a letter clarifying the process going forward be sent to all GAISF members so as to lessen concerns about an expedited process.

"Best regards,

"The ARISF Council."

ARISF currently includes 42 members of GAISF.

GAISF’s dissolution would require a two-thirds majority of votes validly cast by its 97 full members.

ARISF hence has the voting power for a blocking minority on the issue, if the vast majority of its members voted against.

ARISF President Raffaele Chiulli was replaced by Ferriani, a fellow Italian, as GAISF President only last month.

Ferriani’s Calling Notice emphasised that dissolution was "already discussed before my arrival" as GAISF President.

Chiulli is up for re-election at the ARISF General Assembly on Wednesday.

He is standing unopposed, so this appears to be a formality, but he will presumably be hoping for a ringing endorsement.

GAISF was founded in 1967.

Even if its dissolution looks increasingly unlikely to be achieved within five months, the longer-term question-mark over its continued existence still lingers.