Munich 2022 is providing free transport for ticketholders ©Getty Images

Those with tickets for the Munich 2022 European Championships will have access to free transport at the competition next year, as organisers continue forward with their sustainability ambitions.

Working together with Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV) - the transit authority for the city of Munich - the Organising Committee has guaranteed that within the tariff zone, fans will be able to travel without cost.

This only applies to those who have bought tickets and does not extend to free tickets given out. 

Paper tickets can be shown just like a regular transport ticket, but e-tickets require information outlined in a confirmation email after purchase.

This applies on days where the individual has a ticket for an event and allows them to travel anywhere on the network during that 24-hour period.

Munich 2022 states that this initiative is part of its plans to make the 2022 European Championships climate-neutral.

In October, organisers launched the target as part of its sustainability concept for the Championships, called "Count & Last", featuring 12 projects.

It promises to keep carbon dioxide emissions "as low as possible".

An offset deal will be made too through its deal with ClimatePartner, which includes being part of a reforestation project in Nicaragua.

Existing venues from the Munich 1972 Olympics will be used as well as part of this concept.

Cycling is also being encouraged by organisers with the city seeing an expansion of its cycle lanes, while rental bikes and racks will be provided.

The Munich 2022 European Championships are scheduled to take place from August 11 to 21 2022.

Nine sports are part of the competition with these being athletics, gymnastics, cycling, rowing, triathlon, sport climbing, table tennis, volleyball and canoeing.

It is the second edition of the Championships, which were last held in Glasgow and Berlin in 2018.