An official Beijing 2022 sing has been released ©Getty Images

Chinese pop star Yi Yangqianxi has recorded an official song for Beijing 2022 which transforms the motto of next year’s Winter Olympics in musical form.

The accompanying music video follows people's real stories related to the Games. 

Among those featured are 60-year-old Gong Hubiao, a sport-loving Beijing citizen who has carved patterns of 30 Winter Olympics events into a set of themed seals.

"Like many of you, I've watched the music video," China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said.

"It is a mosaic of many individual stories depicting how ordinary people from all walks of life are looking forward to the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games with joy and excitement. 

"Through the heart-warming episodes from people's everyday life, the song and video showcase the development of Beijing as the host city of both the Summer and Winter Olympics as well as the eager public anticipation for the Games.

"Just as the lyrics go, 'Together for a Shared Future'. 

"I'm sure the Beijing Winter Olympics will ignite the passion of winter sports lovers all over the world and bring more people to experience the fun of ice and snow."

It is the latest musical offering for Beijing 2022.

Beijing television stations are said to be starting a singing campaign to promote the song and the Games.

This is set to include 100 social media influencers.

Yi Yangqianxi sings the official Beijing 2022 song ©Getty Images
Yi Yangqianxi sings the official Beijing 2022 song ©Getty Images

Yi, also known as Jackson Yee, was a star of A Date with Snow and Ice, a musical film to promote the Olympic Torch Relay which was released earlier in the month.

A competition to find original compositions to promote the Games had been launched in 2019.

The song is bound to revive members of the musical offerings from Beijing 2008.

These included You and Me, performed at the Opening Ceremony, and Forever Friends, a tune which played regularly at every Olympic venue during the Games.

The Beijing 2022 Olympics are set to begin on February 4.

The motto, Together for a Shared Future, received some backlash because of China's record on human rights - in particular due to widely documented atrocities being carried out against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, although China denies allegations that its actions in the region constitute a genocide.