Dr Andreas Küttel, who captured world ski jumping gold in 2009, is set to attend the FISU Global Conference on Innovation, Education and Sport ©Getty Images

The International University Sports Federation’s (FISU) Global Conference on Innovation, Education and Sport is set to take place during the Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade.

The conference is due to be held on December 13 and 14 at the University of Lucerne where a number of academics will discuss the topic of "Challenges and Opportunities for Sport in Modern Society".

It will coincide with FISU’s flagship event, scheduled to run from December 11 to 21 in the Swiss city.

Four former athletes will join international researchers to give presentations on the sub-topics of "Dual Careers", "Digitalisation" and "Women in Elite Sport", with each presentation to be followed by discussions.

Dr Marianne Meier, of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies at Bern University, will talk about role models and preconceptions in top-class sport as part of an interactive book presentation.

Dr Jessica Piasecki, a British long-distance runner and a lecturer and researcher at Nottingham Trent University, will be on hand to discuss the topic of women in top-class sport.

Dr Tim Ströbel, a professor in the marketing and sport management department at the University of Bayreuth, will give a presentation on digital platforms in the world of sport.

Dual careers will be the subject of a presentation by Dr Paul Wylleman who served as a psychologist for the Dutch Olympic team at Tokyo 2020.

Dr Andreas Küttel, a 2009 world champion ski jumper and sports scientist, as well as Dr Martina van Berkel, a swimmer and member of the Swiss Olympic Executive Board, are among four former Swiss athletes that are due to attend.

Martina van Berkel is among four former athletes due to talk about the challenges of dual careers ©Getty Images
Martina van Berkel is among four former athletes due to talk about the challenges of dual careers ©Getty Images

The others are Dr Sarah Springman, a triathlete who serves as chancellor at ETH Zurich, and Maja Neuenschwander, a long-distance runner who is currently the project director for women and elite sport at Swiss Olympic.

"Our panel guests Martina van Berkel and Andreas Küttel will offer exciting insights into the experiences former top athletes have had in terms of the challenges and opportunities associated with a dual career," said Dr Hannah Mormann, a sociologist who is serving as the academic project manager for the conference.

"I’m personally very interested in learning about the challenges they faced."

Students will be able to attend the event and given the opportunity to submit research projects that relate to the topics and sub-topics to be addressed at the global conference.

"We believe that involving students is crucial," said Patrick Udvardi, head of university projects for the conference.

"This event offers a unique opportunity and we would like as many students as possible to benefit from it."

Around 1,600 students aged between 17 and 25 from more than 540 universities in 50 countries are expected to attend the Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade.