Noic Garioud finished the 1km technical course in 4min 46.15sec, earning a second world title of the event ©ICF

Fiona Wylde and Noic Garioud continued their stellar form on the final day of the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Stand Up Paddling World Championships, each collecting their second gold medals of the competition.

The American added the women's technical world title to the long-distance crown she won on Friday (September 10) as Wylde crossed the line in 5 minutes 34.55 seconds in Balatonfüred in Hungary

Spaniard Esperanza Barreras followed nine seconds later to secure the silver medal while Wylde's compatriot April Zilg made up the podium in third place.

Wylde made a decisive breakaway on the first turn of the one-kilometre course to build an insurmountable lead.

"It’s incredible, I can’t believe I just won two world titles in three days," Wylde said.

"I was so nervous for this race, probably the most nervous I have ever been because it is so short.

"I’m still shaking.

"I really really wanted to do it.

"After COVID we have all gone through our difficulties, trying to figure out what we’re doing.

"I decided I really wanted to do this and I really wanted to win another world title - and I won two!

"This is complete icing on the cake."

Fiona Wylde won two gold medals at the ICF Stand Up Paddling World Championships ©ICF
Fiona Wylde won two gold medals at the ICF Stand Up Paddling World Championships ©ICF

Garioud won the men's technical race to deny American Connor Baxter the gold medal once more after he pipped him to victory in the 200-metre sprint race the day prior.

Baxter was leading for the whole race until the run towards the final turn where the New Caledonian pounced and was quickly out of sight.

"When I first started the race I was hoping for a podium, but definitely not a gold medal," Garioud said.

"And yet, here I am.

"I just can’t believe it.

"I did not ever think I could win two gold medals and one silver, not in three races on the same week.

"I will never follow that.

"Connor left the start line pretty fast, so I just tried to stay with him.

"At the sixth buoy I started to push myself and got past him.

"I think he was pretty tired after his start."

Baxter picked up his second silver medal of the week, while Peru’s Itzel Delgado claimed bronze.

This is the first major stand-up paddling (SUP) event since the governance of the sport was decided by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The ICF, which lost out on its bid for full control of the contested discipline but it still able to hold SUP competitions, claimed it would be the largest SUP World Championships ever.

The 2022 edition of the ICF Stand Up Paddling World Championships is set to take place in Gdynia in Poland, although the dates are yet to be announced.