Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin believes higher vaccinations will help the 2022 World Games ©Getty Images

Mayor of Birmingham Randall Woodfin has said the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine to the public will give the 2022 World Games in Alabama more opportunity to be promoted with less than a year to go.

Speaking to the International World Games Association in an interview, Woodfin said he took his role as "head cheerleader" very seriously in attracting people to the American city for the event, noting that higher vaccination rates gave organisers "a great deal of optimism" for having venues at full capacity.

"Thanks to the availability of the vaccine, we are seeing more opportunities to gather again in Birmingham," said Woodfin. 

"I'm looking forward to simply getting out and sharing that experience with the people of Birmingham and our new friends who will visit from across the globe. 

"We have moved intentionally through this pandemic by listening to our public health leaders to ensure the people of our city are safe. 

"We will continue to do that. 

"I am optimistic that every step will be taken to protect both our residents and our visitors. 

"The arrival of the vaccine has created a great deal of optimism. 

"The more people who have access to the vaccine and take the vaccine will ensure a safe and shared experience for everyone."

Birmingham 2022 chief executive Nick Sellers said he expected the World Games next year to be the first post-pandemic multi-sport event to have full stadiums.

The Birmingham 2022 World Games is scheduled to take place in the United States from July 7 to 17, just before the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games in England, which is set for July 28 to August 8.

Both chief executives of their respective Organising Committees expect to have full crowds for their events.

Woodfin laid out what preparations were still needed to be implemented by his team to support the organisers of the World Games.

"The city is involved in every aspect," he added.

"We must make sure our infrastructure is ready. 

"We must ensure general services and public safety are coordinated. 

"We must confirm our public transit system is up to the task. 

"We must prepare each venue in order to provide the best experience for our athletes and fans possible. 

"The City of Birmingham is the central hub of a metro region of more than a million people. 

"We will coordinate with each of our regional partners to ensure a welcoming, open and world class experience for our athletes and guests."

Woodfin is seeking re-election as Mayor of Birmingham in two weeks time, with his closest challengers seeming to be former Mayor William A. Bell and Lashaunda Scales.

The Birmingham 2022 World Games were set to take place in 2021, but were pushed back by a year to avoid a clash with the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which finished on Sunday (August 8).