ONOC secretary general Ricardo Blas has called on Chef de Missions to follow the Tokyo 2020 playbooks ©ONOC

Oceania National Olympic Committees secretary general Ricardo Blas has issued a warning for athletes and officials that they follow the Tokyo 2020 playbooks.

Blas has reportedly expressed confidence NOC secretary generals and Presidents understand the importance of playbooks, but suggested it was "a matter of grave concern that all Chefs de Mission be at the same level of appreciation for the counter-measures".

"The concerns are very real," Blas said.

"The message is very clear. 

"The role of Chefs de Mission cannot be taken for granted. 

"They are responsible for all athletes and officials.

"This is very important for the Chefs de Mission as some of them are COVID Liaison Officers and bear the responsibility to be diligent about the Games and the safeguarding of athletes.

"They have to know. 

"My job is to let them know that that is their responsibility."

A series of COVID-19 countermeasures are included in Tokyo 2020 playbooks aimed at keeping the Games safe ©Getty Images
A series of COVID-19 countermeasures are included in Tokyo 2020 playbooks aimed at keeping the Games safe ©Getty Images

It is unclear what has prompted Blas to issue the warning to Chef de Missions, which comes with five days left of the Olympic Games.

Coaches and support staff have also been found to have been in breach of the COVID-19 measures outlined in the "playbooks" that are in place at Tokyo 2020.

This has included cheering and shouting from the stands, as well as hugging each other.

Organisers and the IOC have warned those who fail to abide by the regulations could face sanctions including fines, disqualification or being stripped of their accreditation.

There have been reports in the Japanese media about accredited people breaking the rules by visiting bars and restaurants in tourist areas, leading to a clampdown on participants involved in the Games.

Six people - including two Georgian judoka who win silver medals at Tokyo 2020 - have been stripped of their accreditation at the Games for violating the COVID-19 rules.

The other four are contractors working for Aggreko, the company providing electrical services for the delayed Olympic Games here, after they were arrested on suspicion of using cocaine.

Eight more Games-related personnel have had their accreditation temporarily suspended.

A Moldovan Olympic official who is acting as a COVID-19 liaison officer at Tokyo 2020 has been accused of "gross violations" of the coronavirus rules after being pictured sightseeing in the host city.