The AOC encouraged people to celebrate Green and Gold Day to support athletes ©AOC

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has held its first Green and Gold Day aimed at uniting the public behind the nation’s sporting achievements.

The AOC said it was launching the day prior to "Super Saturday" at Tokyo 2020.

Matt Carroll, AOC chief executive, said: "We can all stand behind and be proud of the Green and Gold. 

"Our national sporting colours, bind us as a nation and cross boundaries like nothing else we have.

"Sporting achievement at any level brings communities together.

"On Green and Gold Day we can come together as one community to celebrate our Australian sporting achievements, the athletes amazing stories of commitment and resilience and hasn’t that been on display in Tokyo these past days.

"We are all proud of the Olympic Team’s achievements so far in Tokyo, not just medals but of athletes who have striven but, not quite made it, they too are to be celebrated in the Aussie way of, 'have a go'.

The AOC suggested schools host "green and gold" events, encouraging participants to dress in the national colours.

The organisation encouraged similar activities at local sports clubs and workplaces.

Members of the public were also recommended to attend AOC Live Sites across the nation, which were showing coverage from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Several Australian landmarks were displayed in green and gold as part of the event.

"Green and Gold Day is for everyone," the AOC said.

"The athletes, the fans, the businesses, the schools, our political leaders, the young, the old and everything in between.

"This day is about painting the country green and gold and being proud of Australia’s sporting achievements.

"The AOC wants the nation to give one united shout out to the team in Tokyo to help them prepare for one of the biggest days of the Games."

Australia has won nine gold, two silver and 11 bronze medals to date at Tokyo 2020.