Liz Cambage is under investigation by Basketball Australia after allegations of a physical and verbal altercation during a warm-up match against Nigeria ©Getty Images

Basketball Australia has launched an investigation into Liz Cambage’s conduct during a warm-up match prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Cambage recently pulled out of the Games here in the Japanese capital, citing mental health concerns.

Prior to the withdrawal announcement, reports emerged that Cambage had been involved in a physical and verbal altercation with Nigerian players in a match in the United States.

There has also been a report that the 29-year-old broke COVID-19 protocol by leaving the team’s hotel to head out into Las Vegas.

Basketball Australia has confirmed its integrity division will be managing the investigation into the allegations.

"The circumstances surrounding the incident that occurred during the scrimmage between Nigeria and Australia involving Liz Cambage are currently under investigation for a breach of the integrity framework and code of conduct," a statement from Basketball Australia read.

"As Liz has withdrawn from the Olympic Games due to mental health reasons we will not make any comments on the status of the investigation until the matter is concluded."

Cambage took to social media to respond to the allegations, admitting there was a "physical altercation" and "words were exchanged".

But she denied that she had broken the team’s hotel bubble.

Liz Cambage admitted "things got heated" in Australia's game against Nigeria ©Getty Images
Liz Cambage admitted "things got heated" in Australia's game against Nigeria ©Getty Images

"I'm pretty annoyed at all the fake news and lies that I'm seeing in news articles and being shown and being asked about," said Cambage in a lengthy video post on Instagram.

"I just want to say this decision was coming and I'm happy I finally made it on my own terms.

"It's sad that news got leaked yesterday that I didn't even know about.

"Yeah, things got heated in the Nigeria game and there was a physical altercation, words were exchanged, but I'm hearing things that aren't true at all flying around.

"Everything that happened and everything that was said is on film.

"I know what happened and I do not appreciate the lies and the people constantly trying to tear me down.

"Hating on me won't bring you love, at all.

"But hey, I’ve been trapped in this room, with no view, with nothing, for a week. 

"Of course I’m going to lose my mind in here, are you serious?

"I’m seeing reports I went out partying. 


"I wish I did. 

"I know some of the people in Vegas have been having a really good time this week. 

"But I’ve been in here, bro. 

"I’ve been in here. 

"And the only time I left this goddamn bubble was for the All-Star Game.

"I don’t appreciate the lies.

"Don’t you ever get sick of lying on my name.

"Don’t you have anything else better to talk about?"

Cambage said the announcement of her withdrawal was "one of the hardest decisions of my life" but admitted "it had been coming" after experiencing panic attacks.

"I’ve been having breakdowns in the carpark at Whole Foods," added Cambage.

"Non-stop panic attacks, hyperventilating.

"At the thought of going into one of the most high-pressure situations, that is already in a bubble.

"With no fans, no friends. 

"I’ve never played without fans.

"The main reason I sat out the WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) last season was my mental health.

"I’m not okay in a bubble.

"I’m not okay playing in front of no fans."

Liz Cambage scored more points than any other player at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games as Australia won the gold medal ©Getty Images
Liz Cambage scored more points than any other player at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games as Australia won the gold medal ©Getty Images

"Mentally, I’m an escapist.

"If I have no escape from a situation, it gives me anxiety and I panic.

"And there’s definitely no escape, except for leaving, once you get into Tokyo.

"And I would not want to do that."

Cambage had previously threatened to boycott the Australian women’s national team in protest of a lack of racial diversity in a photoshoot of the Olympic team.

She had criticised the photoshoot, which she claimed was "whitewashed" due to the lack of diversity.

Born in London to an Australian mother and Nigerian father, Cambage was raised in Australia since she was an infant.

Cambage is an Olympic bronze medallist from London 2012 and earned a Commonwealth Games gold at Gold Coast 2018.