Fans could still be allowed at the European Softball Championship in Italy ©Getty Images

An application by organisers to allow fans at the 2021 Women's European Softball Championship in Italy from June 27 to July 3 is still being considered by regional and national authorities.

The application for public access to the impending event in Friuli Venezia Giulia has been made by the Italian Baseball and Softball Federation, in agreement with local authorities and clubs.

If the application is allowed then, following the publication of the guidelines of the Italian Government's Department for Sport, the capacities of each venue will need to be reduced because of COVID-19 restrictions and will vary from case to case.

It will be necessary to manage the access electronically and every fan will reserve an entrance ticket, including their name and phone number.

Tickets, all free of charge, would need to be obtained through the platform.

Daily tickets for each venue will be made available 72 hours before the first game on the same day, should the system be approved.

At the venue, the tickets would be verified by using a barcode, while tickets will also be shown directly on mobile phones.

Fans will need to social distance and wear masks in the event venues.

Overseas spectators will also need to show a certificate in English or Italian, showing a completed vaccination or negative COVID-19 test within the previous 48 hours.