The first international seminar for sambo coaches took place online and in Moscow ©FIAS

Twenty people attended the first-ever international seminar for sambo coaches, which was held across four days.

The group came from Russia, China and Venezuela with the first three days made up of theoretical lectures which took place online.

Sergey Tabakov, the executive director at the International Sambo Federation (FIAS), was joined by FIAS sport director Dmitry Maksimov to cover a number of key topics related to the sport.

These included sambo classification, techniques, teaching methods, refereeing rules, physical training, terminology and the appearance of sambists.

On the final day, the group gathered at the SAMBO-70 Sports and Education Center of Moskomsport in Moscow, where practical classes took place.

Twenty coaches from Russia, China and Venezuela took part ©FIAS
Twenty coaches from Russia, China and Venezuela took part ©FIAS

Techniques were performed on the ground and from a standing position, and the safe way for an athlete to fall was covered.

At the end of the seminar the participants took an exam, with those who passed now regarded as certified experts.

They received a second coach qualification degree and can go on to take tests at a higher level.