Jeff Thompson has joined Alpine Canada as vice-president of domestic sport programmes and events ©Alpine Canada

Alpine Canada has announced the appointment of Jeff Thompson as the organisation's vice-president of domestic sport programmes and events.

Thompson has held several leadership roles within Canadian sport.

He served as the chief sport officer for Golf Canada from 2005 to 2020.

Thompson was credited with setting the strategic direction for the organisation and being responsible for leading the creation of the sport's long-term player development framework, as well as grassroots and high-performance programming.

The role also saw Thompson have direct oversight of Golf Canada’s amateur championships and the growth of its membership programmes.

Alpine Canada added that Thompson was deeply involved with Golf Canada’s safeguarding initiatives.

Alpine Canada President and chief executive Therese Brisson said Thompson’s experience with Canadian sport will be a key asset to the future of ski racing in the country.

"Jeff brings with him a lifetime of experience and accomplishment in sport and a deep history with Canadian ski racing," Brisson said.

"I am thrilled that he will be bringing this experience to Alpine Canada to help build a better future for ski racing in Canada."

Jeff Thompson will oversee athlete and coach development pathways in his new role ©Getty Images
Jeff Thompson will oversee athlete and coach development pathways in his new role ©Getty Images

Thompson has previous experience within Canadian skiing.

He served as head coach and director of athletics with the National Ski Academy in Collingwood, along with being an executive director of Alpine Ontario Alpin.

"It is an exciting time for the organisation, new leadership, renewed energy and vision for the future," Thompson said.

"I am looking forward to taking on this new role, returning to a sport I have great passion for and the opportunity to significantly contribute to ACA’s success moving forward."

Alpine Canada said Thompson will be responsible for provincial and territorial sport organisation relations in his new role.

Thompson will oversee athlete and coach development pathways, coach and official education and certification, participant registration and data management, insurance programmes, and the Safe Sport framework.

He will also lead Alpine Canada’s domestic and international event-hosting strategy.