USABS has  launched an online identification scheme in collaboration with ©Getty Images

USA Bobsled and Skeleton (USABS) have launched an online combine in collaboration with to help boost talent identification.

GMTM has been billed as "The Athlete Exposure Platform", offering opportunities for athletes to have direct contact with organisations through online events like virtual combines and try-outs, as well as elite training.

It is hoped the new platform will offer athletes the opportunity to show abilities in front of national team coaches from anywhere in the country.

Athletes will be able to upload videos which showcase their ability, including 40-yard sprints and a broad jump.

Athletes can also upload interviews and sport highlights for consideration.

USABS say the project was partly caused by COVID-19, with the organisation unable to hold in-person events last year during the pandemic.

The organisation partnered with last year to support its talent identification process.

USABS claim the online platform will support their talent identification process ©Getty Images
USABS claim the online platform will support their talent identification process ©Getty Images

"Last year, COVID-19 forced us to rethink how we identify talent in the sports of bobsled and skeleton," said Aron McGuire, USABS chief executive.

"We were extremely pleased with the success of the GMTM digital combine and the number of athletes who are now involved in the sliding sports.

"We are excited to start reviewing video on the next group of athletes as we head into an important season."

The USABS claim the partnership with provided an opportunity to increase exposure and engage athletes across multi-sport arenas.

The organisation revealed that dozens of athletes were invited to participate last season.

Historically, medallists have been identified from a variety of sports such as athletics, softball, football, volleyball, swimming, lacrosse and hockey, the UBABS claim.

Skills learned while competing in various sports are seen as easily transferable to competing in sliding events.