Testing in squash will now be under the control of the ITA ©Getty Images

The World Squash Federation (WSF) is set to hand over its entire anti-doping programme to the International Testing Agency (ITA) in January 2021, including its results management and its development of anti-doping education for its athletes.

This changeover will make WSF's anti-doping programme completely independent, with ITA being given the contract for the next four years.

ITA will now organise all testing activities for WSF in and out of competition and will also be responsible for WSF's whereabouts management - which requires athletes to inform testers of where they plan to be on a given day so not to avoid testing.

ITA will also oversee the Athlete Biological Passport administration and will verify and issue Therapeutic Use Exemptions, which allow athletes to use products for health reasons that could be considered prohibited otherwise.

A review of WSF's current anti-doping rules by the ITA will also ensure that its regulations are up to date with the 2021 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code.

"We are very pleased and honoured to welcome World Squash in our organisation," said Benjamin Cohen, director general of the ITA.

"Squash is a sport with a long university tradition and is now resolutely focused on bringing the sport to a much higher level together with the Professional Squash Association.

ITA will oversee WSF's anti-doping programme for the next four years ©Getty Images
ITA will oversee WSF's anti-doping programme for the next four years ©Getty Images

"We look forward to this partnership for clean sport and will work hard to protect squash along with its values of sportsmanship.

"The delegation of World Squash's global anti-doping programme to the ITA is a sign of trust and we will make sure that we live up to it by protecting their athletes, leagues and close to 150 member federations."

Just two weeks ago, the ITA bolstered its services by partnering with the International Hockey Federation, having also joined with the International Cycling Union earlier this year.

"We are delighted to partner with the ITA and are confident that they will run a world-class anti-doping programme for us," said WCF chief executive William Louis-Marie.

"Maintaining a level playing field and providing education for our players is of the utmost importance for us and we believe that working with the ITA will provide the perfect conditions to allow squash to thrive in the coming years."