The ASBC has held its Back to Ring webinar ahead of a return to sport ©ASBC

The Asian Boxing Confederation's (ASBC) "Back to Ring" webinar has been held as the sport looks to return to competition amid the threat of COVID-19.

Officials and stakeholders from each Asian region were involved with the aim of encouraging boxers to "stay safe and stay active".

Included in the seminar were precautionary measures and safety instructions which are part of the ASBC's guidelines.

The event was live-streamed on the governing body's YouTube channel, and led by Karanjeet Singh of the Boxing Federation of India, an ASBC Medical Commission member.

Some of the advice given includes providing medical tests, the sterilisation of training areas, regularly using hand sanitiser and following clear rules during training.

ASBC hosted its Back to Ring webinar, led by Karanjeet Singh ©ASBC
ASBC hosted its Back to Ring webinar, led by Karanjeet Singh ©ASBC

Training camps would require temperature checks for all personnel, with athletes asked to only use their personal belongings.

Equipment must be sanitised before and after, while social distancing and only drinking your own beverage should be adhered to.

Coaches are expected to enforce these guidelines as well as wear masks, check the safety of equipment and limit access to the gym for non-essential people.

Anyone who has symptoms, has not been tested for the last two weeks or has came into contact with infected people will be restricted from the camps.

All participants in the webinar will receive a certificate for their attendance.

The ASBC has announced plans to host four continental events in 2021, including the senior Asian Championships in India.