The Lebanese Table Tennis Federation organised an event in Beirut last year and it is hoped the sport can help the city recover from the horrific explosion ©LTTF

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has given a donation to the Lebanese Table Tennis Federation (LTTF) in the wake of the devastating explosion in the nation's capital, Beirut earlier this month.

After the disaster on August 4, which led to the deaths of at least 171 people and the injury of over 6,000 more, the ITTF Foundation's Governing Board called a meeting to decide how to aid the national table tennis governing body.

It was decided that a total of $30,000 (£22,900/€25,400) would be donated towards projects designed to restart table tennis in Lebanon, aiming to use the sport for positive social outcomes.

"We know that we can’t stop the crisis just by sending money, but we are convinced that table tennis can help at a second stage," said ITTF and ITTF Foundation President Thomas Weikert.

"As we did on other occasions in the past, our sport is able to re-knit social networks and to help alleviate pain and trauma. 

"We feel sympathy towards Lebanon, one of our ITTF family members, and we are committed to doing whatever is in our hands to provide support where possible."

Beirut has been devastated by the recent explosion in the city ©Getty Images
Beirut has been devastated by the recent explosion in the city ©Getty Images

ITTF Deputy President Khalil Al-Mohannadi, who was in attendance at the meeting in his position as the President of the Arab Table Tennis Union, expressed his gratitude for the donation.

"I feel for our Lebanese brothers and sisters," said the Qatari.

"At this moment in history, having also been hit severely by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to stay united in these difficult times. 

"I am grateful to see that the ITTF Foundation has reacted so swiftly to this human crisis with its Emergency Relief Fund - the ITTF is able to offer support quickly when needed."

Funds for the LTTF come from the #TableTennisUnited donation campaign, which gives those most in need financial assistance.