The Korea Sambo Federation will host its National Championships over separate weekends ©FIAS

The Korea Sambo Federation (KSF) has decided to host its National Championships this year separately for each weight class, due to the ongoing threat from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decision has been taken in a bid to minimise the coronavirus infection risk by having as few people in contact with each other as possible.

"We follow Government recommendations and requirements in COVID-19 prevention, but a total lack of sambo events is affecting negatively on national sambo development," said the President of the KSF, Mun Seong-cheon.

"To keep Korean sambists in shape we decided to conduct the National Sambo Championships while ensuring participants' maximum safety and respecting all current restrictions in the country."

Sambo has been affected heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic ©FIAS
Sambo has been affected heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic ©FIAS

Competitions will take place in several clubs without spectators.

Events were scheduled to start on August 7 and are scheduled for Saturdays.

Guidelines include athletes in the waiting areas being required to wear a mask, while only competing athletes, the referee and the video operator will be allowed in the competition area.

Indoor disinfection will be mandatory before and after morning and afternoon sessions, while the events will be streamed on YouTube.