A new video has been released on muscle strengthening in boccia ©Getty Images

The Boccia International Sports Federation's (BISFed) Development Committee has released a new video dedicated to muscle strengthening.

Hungarian Committee member Anita Maria Laszlo has provided the video which focuses on the shoulder blade.

It shows several movements which will help strengthen the muscles around the scapula, which are regularly used during boccia.

The Development Committee has previously prepared a number of other videos which focus on various different areas.

Topics covered include BISFed terminology, methods of propulsion, technical processes and warm-ups.

Coaching and shot types have also been covered.

Like all sports, boccia has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every event in 2020 has been cancelled, with the potential exception of the Dubai Boccia World Open in December.

It is hoped that the 2020 boccia competitions which were called off can be rescheduled for the 2021 campaign.