A new logo will be created for Yekaterinburg 2023 and chosen at the end of the month ©FISU

Eight Russian creative agencies have submitted 24 works in total for the logo competition of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) Yekaterinburg 2023 Summer World University Games.

Some of the firms involved hail from cities like the hosts, the Russian capital Moscow and Kazan.

The competition commission will choose the best symbols for the Games with experts from different fields coming together to pick the winner.

This commission will include Alisa Prudnikova, the head of strategic projects of the Pushkin state museum of fine arts, Alexander Fayfman, the general producer of Channel One television station, actress Victoria Tolstoganova and filmmaker Fedor Bondarchuk.

Others who will make up the rest of the group are Igor Gurovich, an academic for the Russian Academy of graphic design, Fedor Telkov, photographer and researcher of the Urals, Maxim Urazov, the director of the department of physical education and mass sports of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and Alexander Chernov, general director of the Games.

The Games' logos are always based on the letter "U", representing university.

One of those themes that could win could be the focus on gems, related to the city's history of mining.

Jury chairman Evgeny Kuyvashev said: "The logo is the symbol by which many will get acquainted with the Sverdlovsk region and Ekaterinburg, where the FISU Summer World University Games will be held in 2023.

"We have to choose from the works submitted to the competition which have incorporated the most striking Ural images and meanings. 

"The logo should reflect the features of the place where we live, the energy of the Urals and our love of sports."

Those on the commission include people who specialise in creativity and visualisation including designer Gurovich.

Gurovich said: "A logo is not a picture for the sake of a picture. 

"This is a symbol in which its authors must put several levels of meanings and accurately formulated interpretations of these meanings.

"The logo does not have to be liked by everyone, it should become a tool with which the city can tell about itself. 

"I want the logo to be remembered and to remain an important cultural myth of the place after years."

The competition commission will announce its decision before the end of the month.