Boccia England is heading into its final week of the Rainbow Cup ©Boccia England

Boccia England's Rainbow Cup has entered its final week, meaning it is the last chance for participants to be acknowledged on the top 20 leaderboard on social media.

The final week of the Rainbow Cup focuses on accuracy with game four called "Ever Decreasing Targets".

It sees players set-up seven gates, one for each colour of the rainbow, and can be played either vertically or horizontally.

The coloured gates decrease in size, progressively getting narrower with participants having seven balls in the game with the aim to roll a ball through each of the gates.

One point is awarded to those who roll it through the widest gate, the red one, with the points system increasing until the narrowest gate, the violet gate, which awards a maximum of seven points.

The maximum score for rolling through each gate is 28 points.

Just like in boccia, participants should play from a seated position and it can be played indoors or outdoors at any distance.

Scores should be submitted by Friday (June 5) through the website.

People are asked to also share their adaptations of the challenge using the hashtags #TheBocciaRainbowCup, #StayInWorkOut or #BocciaAtHome.

The top 20 scores in each category will be published on Boccia England's social media pages.

It will also contribute to the overall scores, which will conclude the four-week competition with the running totals.