Moscow hosted the Russian Sambo Championships for the blind ©FIAS

Moscow has hosted the third edition of the Russian Sambo Championships for blind and visually impaired athletes.

International Sambo Federation President Vasily Shestakov was among key officials in attendance.

Nine women's weight divisions were contested at the Championships, along with eight men's categories.

There were victories for Aigul Fayzulina and Alesya Stepanyuk in the lightweight women's events, with Alsu Nasyrova taking the women's 56kg title.

Anastasia Chudina beat Irina Yakimova in the women's 60kg final, while Zeynab Gaurgashvili and Aninat Magamedova were triumphant in the 64kg and 68kg events, respectively.

The women’s 72kg title went to Olga Zabrodskaya, while the heavyweight 80kg and over-80kg crowns were earned by Svetlana Mikhailova and Irina Kalyanova, respectively.

The men's competition saw wins for Bers-Sheikh Akhmadov (57kg) and Said Shakhmanov (62kg).

Artyom Merkulov topped the men's 68kg podium, with Viktor Rudenko (74kg) and Shahban Kurbanov (82kg) taking home the top prizes.

The men’s 90kg title went to Anton Efremov, with the 100kg and over-100kg gold medals awarded to Anatoly Shevchenko and Yusup Rasulov, respectively.

Several weight categories were contested at the national event ©FIAS
Several weight categories were contested at the national event ©FIAS

"It is difficult for me, as an organiser, to impartially assess the success of the 2019 Sambo for the Blind Championships of Russia,” Roman Novikov, the tournament organiser, said.

"Of course, we had encountered various organisational challenges that we successfully overcame with our team.

"I wish to thank Viktor Ignatenko, head coach of the Russian Sambo for the blind team, and Natalya Novikova, manager of the training process for the Russian Sambo for the blind team, for their operational efficiency and professionalism in solving organisational issues.

“Special thanks are due to the First Vice-President of the All-Russian Sambo Federation Sergei Baidakov and priest Georgy Dekhtyaryov for their significant support in organising the Championships."