Tokyo 2020 has begun training volunteers ©Twitter/Tristan Lavier

Tokyo 2020 has begun the first training sessions for Games volunteers at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre.

Organisers say the sessions were general training for volunteers, who will be known as the "Field Cast".

The first sessions are taking place at the Tokyo 1964 legacy venue, but the training programme will branch out nationwide in the coming weeks and months.

Around 300 general training events will take place at 13 venues in 11 prefectures in the host nation by the end of February.

"Tokyo 2020 will offer general training programmes to help Olympic and Paralympic volunteers gain the basic knowledge they need," said Yusuke Sakaue, Tokyo 2020 vice director general.

"The training consists of three elements: group training, e-learning and textbooks."

The content of the sessions will be the same, starting with an introduction from the participants and a lecture on what they should expect as a member of the Field Cast.

They will be provided with an overview of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as receiving a history.

Training on diversity and inclusion will also be included, along with the rules and rewards of volunteering.

The sessions conclude with participants writing messages to themselves in 2020.

In total, 80,000 volunteers will support the Games, after being selected from 204,680 applicants.

Organisers say over 10 per cent come from outside Japan, representing approximately 120 countries.

"This is my first time to join a volunteer activity," said Kana, who was among the participants in the first training session.

"I'm born in Tokyo, I grew up in Tokyo, so I feel this is a special opportunity for me and I really want to do something for Tokyo.

"I lived overseas for a few years, I like to speak English and communicating with people so I hope I can help spectators and athletes."

Tokyo 2020 say volunteers will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide valuable support for the operation of the Games.

Volunteers will provide support in guiding spectators, competition and media operations.

They will also be deployed in various locations, including competition venues and the Athletes' Village.

The Field Cast volunteers will be given their specific Games-time roles in March.

Specific training for the positions will begin the following month.

Along with the Field Cast, city volunteers will also support the Games and have been given the name "City Cast".