The American football competition will be held between university teams from the 2022 season onwards ©FISU

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) has launched its double attribution search for host cities for the World University Championships (WUC) and University World Cups (UWC) between 2022 and 2024.

At its Executive Committee meeting in Naples in July, FISU adapted its bidding procedure to cater for a double attribution which would see the two best dossiers for each sport being assessed by FISU's technical committee for the WUC.

After successful allocation for 2022, the events would also be attributed for 2024.

"FISU is moving ahead enthusiastically with its new concept of the University World Cups," said FISU chief executive and secretary general Eric Saintrond.

“These events create an alternative set-up to regular competition between national teams. 

"In fact, to maximise the potential of the university sports movement, we believe this format of university teams competing against each other is crucial. 

"It will increase participation in these sports even further, not just at our events but in universities worldwide as the finalists come through continental qualifiers."

Downhill cycling is one of the events at the World University Championships ©FISU
Downhill cycling is one of the events at the World University Championships ©FISU

A total of 25 different events, including cluster events in mind sports and combat sports, are already scheduled between 2022 and 2024.

The competitions in American football, floorball, handball and cheerleading will be held as University World Cups – between university teams rather than national squads – from the 2022 season onwards.

The WUCs and UWCs are held biennially, apart from the University World Cup 3x3 which is annual.

Throughout the championships FISU collaborate with the International Federations to test new formats and enhance sports delivery and innovation.

In the upcoming 2020 season, 31 standalone WUC events are scheduled.