Plans for a women's football World Championships in 2020 have been launched by the International Blind Sports Federation ©IBSA

Plans have been officially announced by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) to stage the first-ever women’s football World Championships in 2020.

The ground-breaking development follows sustained efforts, it is claimed, to develop the women's game and involvement in blind football over the past two years.

This work includes holding a development camp and tournament in Vienna in May 2017, in which 60 girls and women took part. 

A second camp in Tokyo took place in February 2019 and other targeted efforts have been made to prioritise the women's game in different regions of the world.

It was following the Normalisation Cup in Saitama – a tournament won by hosts Japan – that IBSA first revealed its ambition to host a Women's World Championships. 

Football five-a-side for blind male players first became a part of the Paralympics at Athens 2004 and has featured in every Games since, with Brazil winning on each occasion. 

IBSA members are being invited to bid to host the historic women's World Championships, which are set to feature between eight and 10 teams.

Men's blind football has featured on the Paralympic Games programme since Athens 2004 ©Getty Images
Men's blind football has featured on the Paralympic Games programme since Athens 2004 ©Getty Images

The competition is expected to last around 10 days and should take place in September 2020 after next year's Paralympic Games, the IBSA announced. 

"We are massively excited to take the next major step in developing women’s blind football, offering players the chance to take the game to a global stage," Ulrich Pfisterer, chairperson of the IBSA Blind Football Committee, said. 

"It reflects the growth of women’s football generally, especially after the recent success of the World Cup in Paris, and also the rising profile of blind football. 

"We are proud to be part of this monumental shift in attitudes which is helping bring more and more new players to the sport.

"These World Championships will mark the start of another new era, we can be sure of that. 

"I encourage organisers to apply to host to ensure their place in the history books."

The deadline for bids for the 2020 IBSA Blind Football Women’s World Championships is August 16.