FISU will not open the bidding process for the 2027 Universiade until next year ©FISU

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) will wait until September next year to open the bidding process for the 2027 Summer Universiade, despite receiving interest from both Germany and Hungary for the 2025 edition. 

German and Hungarian delegations attended FISU's Executive Committee meeting here last week with the view of discussing the possibility of hosting the 2025 Summer Universiade. 

It is understood that Germany are the front-runners, having approached FISU first. 

They have already suggested three optional sports they would like include in the programme and have four cities in mind as potential hosts. 

FISU only allow one bid for each Universiade, meaning Hungary's interest in the 2025 event will be redundant if Germany decide to proceed with their bid. 

FISU's secretary-general and chief executive Eric Saintrond has revealed that, despite this, the organisation will not offer the 2027 Universiade to Hungary, who would be looking to welcome the multi-sport competition to their capital Budapest. 

Hungary are interested in holding the 2025 Summer Universiade in Budapest ©Wikipedia
Hungary are interested in holding the 2025 Summer Universiade in Budapest ©Wikipedia

The bidding process for 2027 will not be opened until next year, with four years believed to be the optimum time to prepare for a Universiade. 

"In my experience, four years preparation for a Universiade is the right amount of time," Saintrond said.

"We haven’t opened up the bidding procedures for 2027, but we will look to do this in September next year, with FISU attributing these Universiades in 2022."

FISU are considered to be in a good position regarding hosts cities, with the rights already distributed up until 2023.

Chengdu are holding the 2021 Summer Universiade and Lucerne will welcome the winter equivalent. 

The Russian city of Yekaterinburg was awarded the 2023 Summer Universiade last week by the FISU Executive Committee, while Lake Placid received the Winter Universiade of that year last August. 

Discussions regarding the host of the 2025 Summer Universiade are taking place while Naples hosts the 2019 edition.