Visa problems have denied Morocco a place in the first IKF under-19 World Championships ©IKF

The first Under-19 World Korfball Championship is due to take place at Leuwarden in the Netherlands.

This International Korfball Federation event will run until Sunday (April 21) at sportcentre 't Kalverdijkje.

Entrants are Belgium, England, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Catalonia, the Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong China, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia and the Netherlands.

Morocco had to withdraw due to visa problems, with their absence announced earlier this week by the IKF.

“Despite multiple initiatives from within Morocco and support from the International Korfball Federation and the Dutch umbrella organisation for sports NOC*NSF it has not been possible to acquire the requested visa on time,” the IKF said.

“A very unfortunate and painful situation for the Moroccan Federation and even more for the players of the Moroccan team who seriously prepared for this event.”