Andrew Young has been awarded a World Cup podium finish ©Getty Images

Britain’s Andrew Young has been awarded a podium finish on the International Ski Federation (FIS) Cross-Country World Cup following a revised decision by the governing body.

Young had been handed a fourth-placed finish at the “winner of the day” stage which closed out the 15km pursuit at the World Cup finals on March 24.

GB Snowsport contested the race results with American skier Simeon Hamilton having taken third, despite starting the race in the same wave as Young and finishing behind the British skier at the finish.

The appeal proved successful with the FIS now set to recalculate the timings.

Young will be moved to third and will receive FIS points and prize money awarded to that finishing position.

“By their own admission, FIS indicated in their decision that there had been some confusion in the rules as to how the result had been calculated,” said Dan Hunt, GB Snowsport performance director.

“Importantly, there’s mechanisms in place to try to get the result corrected and we’re pleased the Appeals Commission saw it the same way we did.

“It doesn’t give Andrew that podium moment back, but the recognition of him earning a top-three place at a World Cup is what the appeal was about and we achieved what we set out to do.”

Andrew Young has earned two World Cup podiums in his career ©Getty Images
Andrew Young has earned two World Cup podiums in his career ©Getty Images

The podium finish is the fifth for a British skier in cross-country World Cup history.

Young had earned a rostrum spot in a sprint distance event in Italy in December 2015.

“It’s fantastic news that they have come around,” Young said.

“It was quite bizarre – you feel as if you have worked pretty hard to get on the podium and you hope common sense will prevail.

“One of the goals of the season was to get World Cup points in distance skiing, not just the sprints, so to get a podium is really satisfying.”