Slovenia's Janja Garnbret topped the women's bouldering qualifying event at the IFSC World Cup ©Getty Images

Slovenia's Janja Garnbret and Jernej Kruder topped the women's and men's bouldering qualification events, respectively, at the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Climbing World Cup in Moscow. 

Garnbret, the 2018 world champion, topped the first women's qualifying group with five tops and five zones with five attempts for each.

Her result was significantly better than that of the leader in the second qualifying group, Fanny Gibert of France.

She achieved five tops and five zones with 11 attempts for each.

Garnbret's compatriot Kruder led the men's qualifying event with five tops and five zones with seven attempts for each.

Rei Sugimoto of Japan had the best result in the men's second qualifying group.

He scored five tops and five zones with 13 and 10 attempts, respectively. 

The bouldering semi-finals and final in the men's and women's competitions will take place tomorrow. 

Those events will conclude the action at CSKA Athletics Hall Moscow.