IFA are seeking hosts for seven of their major events ©IFA

The International Fistball Association (IFA) has launched the candidature process for its major events, including the Men’s and Women’s World Championships.

The governing body is seeking to secure host cities for seven of their competitions from 2020 through to 2023.

A host is being sought for the 2022 Women’s World Championship, along with the men’s event a year later.

Hosting rights for the annual IFA Fistball World Tour Finals during the four-year period are also being targeted.

The candidature process is also open for the Under-18 World Championships in 2022.

“It is again a great honour for us to be looking for hosts across the world that want to partner with IFA in order to host our top fistball events, both the World Tour Finals and the Fistball World Championships,” said IFA President Karl Weiss.

“These events are the pinnacle of our sport, and bring the world’s best fistball players to a city.

“We have already received interest from individuals but now that the official procedure is underway, we would like to speak in greater detail with interested parties to explore how the events could most benefit their organisers.

“We are confident that in terms of value for money and outlay required, the IFA events represent a very good opportunity.”

The candidature process begins with a dialogue phase, with parties able to fill out an online form to express their interest in bidding.

Potential bidders could be national IFA member associations, a club or a city in co-operation with a club, according to the IFA.

Hosts for three World Championships and four World Tour Finals are being sought ©IFA
Hosts for three World Championships and four World Tour Finals are being sought ©IFA

The governing body has called for cities interested in hosting fistball events to enter into a discussion with IFA to learn more about the concept and vision of their competitions and examine opportunities.

“We believe in cost-efficient, sustainable events,” said Jörn Verleger, IFA secretary.

“We work closely with the hosts from the very beginning to ensure that the fistball family gets events with as many positive, long-lasting legacies as possible.”

The closing date for bid submissions is April 24.

The host city of the 2023 World Championship will be elected by the IFA 2019 Congress on August 14 in Winterthur in Switzerland.

The IFA said this will enable the new host city to attend and learn from organisers of the 2019 Fistball Men’s World Championship, which will be held in Switzerland from August 11 to 17.