Samoa 2019 have secured a sponsorship agreement with McDonald's ©Samoa 2019

Samoa 2019 have been boosted by a sponsorship agreement reached with McDonald's for the upcoming Pacific Games.

The sponsorship has been valued at WST200,000 (£58,000/$75,000/€66,000), with McDonald's joining Samoa 2019 as a silver sponsor of the Games.

The agreement was welcomed by Loau Solamalemalo Keneti Sio, chair of the Samoa 2019 Pacific Games Committee.

He offered the Samoan Government’s gratitude to the fast food giants for their support of the multi-sport event.

"On behalf of the Government of Samoa and the Management of the Pacific Games Office, I would like to convey our sincerest gratitude to the management of McDonald’s Family Restaurant, one of the most renowned fast food restaurants in the world," he said.

"We are grateful that you have lent your shoulder in support of the Pacific Games in July. 

"I know it’s not easy as I can see you have just made major renovations to your restaurant, however, you have still decided to support our Government by donating $200,000."

The Pacific Games Office claim the agreement boosts their sponsorship programme ahead of the Games.

The organisation asserted the latest agreement highlighted how their sponsorship strategy for the Games is working successfully.

Organisers recently secured an agreement with Apia Insurance.

The agreement comes swiftly after a sponsorship was agreed with Apia Insurance ©Samoa 2019
The agreement comes swiftly after a sponsorship was agreed with Apia Insurance ©Samoa 2019

Fuimaono Pemerika Suemai, chief financial officer of McDonald’s in Samoa, was present at a ceremony where the agreement was signed.

Speaking on behalf of the restaurant’s general manager Tautolo Aogaleatu Charlie Tautolo and staff, Suemai claimed they were excited about assisting the Games.

"We at McDonald’s Family Restaurant know that the Games will be a great source of blessing for restaurants, hotels, transport and other sectors of Samoa’s economy because athletes and supporters will be travelling over and spending money that will contribute directly to our country’s economy," Suemai said.

"With that being said, McDonald’s Family Restaurant is not only looking at the many benefits the Games will bring, which is why we want to give in our contribution to assist with this great Government initiative.

"We won’t say much more, but our prayer is that God will bless this initiative and may Team Samoa win many medals for Samoa."

The Games, which take place every four years, are due to be held in Samoa from July 7 to 20.

In all around 4,000 athletes are expected to participate in the Games.