Footage has been shot for a documentary on blind sambo ©FIAS

Footage has been shot for a documentary on blind sambo.

The film "Through the Dark" is being directed by Vadim Arapov with material collected at the Russian Sambo Federation's Championships for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Sochi.

In addition to the competitions, a demonstration performance of sambo for the blind took place at the Championships.

A trailer for the documentary has now been released.

"Specialised helmets that completely block residual vision of the visually impaired athletes, equalise their physical abilities, without worsening the position of the visually impaired in relation to a totally blind wrestler," said Roman Novikov, a member of the International Sambo Federation Commission for the Promotion of Sambo among the Disabled. 

"The use of a helmet does not disorientate a visually impaired athlete, since this is only a residual vision that is blindfolded, and, moreover, it improves the balance function, since a sambist maintains balance chiefly due to preconception, with no reliance on defective vision."