Germany's Karl Geger won in Switzerland today ©FIS

German ski jumpers Karl Geiger and Katharina Althaus won World Cup titles today in the respective resorts of Engelberg and Premanon.

Twenty-five year old Geiger won the first of the weekend's competitions in the International Ski Federation event in Switzerland with a superb jump of 141 metres in the second round which moved him up from fifth to first with a total of 302.0 points.

Piotr Zyla of Poland and Daniel Huber of Austria came in second and third with 297.3 and 295.5 respectively.

So close was the competition that the winner and the sixth-placed jumper were separated by less than nine points.

"It's hard to find the right words," said Geiger.

"I'm more than happy that I had such a great competition today.

"The first jump was already pretty good, the second one was amazing, one of my best jumps ever.

"I already knew at the take-off, that this is a perfect jump.

"Now I'm enjoying this win and that it was such a great day for me.

"It's always good to know that you are in a good shape so close before the Four Hills Tournament."

Zyla, who also took second place in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, two weeks ago, added: "My jumps were quite good today.

Germany's Katharina Althaus on the podium after her Ski Jumping World Cup victory in Premanon, France ©FIS
Germany's Katharina Althaus on the podium after her Ski Jumping World Cup victory in Premanon, France ©FIS

"We worked hard in summer and this pays off now.

"Right now I'm not thinking about tomorrow's competition, I'm thinking about dinner now and then we'll see what happens tomorrow."

Third place was a career-best for Huber. 

"I like the hill here in Engelberg a lot and it also always feels like Christmas here," he said.

"Yesterday I realised that my jumps are getting better and better.

"I already had a good feeling yesterday and then the first jump today was really good.

"In the final I then took a lot of risk and it worked out great.

"I don't feel any pressure - I know that I can be among the best and this gives me confidence."

Johann Forfang was the best Norwegian in fourth, one place ahead of Russia's Evgeniy Klimov, who led after a first round effort of 136.5 but dropped down after a second jump of 134.0m.

Ryoyu Kobayashi of Japan won yesterday's qualification, but today he was struggling with the relatively strong tailwind on the Titlis-hill.

The second competition in Engelberg will be held tomorrow.

Meanwhile Althaus, 22, who had won the previous day's women’s qualifying competition on the newly refurbished Les Tuffles HS 90 hill in Premanon, France, recorded the longest jump of the day, establishing a new hill record of 94.5m and finishing as an emphatic victor with a total of 260.3 points.

Second place went to Japan's Sara Takanashi, who scored 250.7, with third place going to Slovenia’s Ema Klinec, who totalled 247.5.

Althaus, who was second after the first round, managed to overtake Takanashi, who was in the lead at the halfway point.

"It's great to jump here, the weather today has been good all day, and a great atmosphere," said Althaus.

"My first jump was okay, but not perfect, and the second was very good, and I'm very happy about my victory today."

For Takanashi this was the second podium of the World Cup season after being third in the first of the Lillehammer Triple series.

"I like Premanon, it is a good jump in very nice surroundings," she said.

"My technique has improved with every jump, and I'm very happy with my result today."

Klinec who was fourth after the first round, when she reached 84.5m, managed to move up a place to three after a jump of 88.5m in the final round.

"My first jump was quite bad, my second jump was much better, but there is still room for improvement," said Klinec.

It was a successful day for the Slovenian team.

Fifth place went to Nika Kriznar, with 239.9 points, and Ursa Bogataj, who scored 325.4, was sixth.

Norway’s Olympic champion Maren Lundby moved up from 13th place after the first jump to to ninth with a total of 230.4.

The second competition will be held tomorrow.