Minsk 2019 presented a progress report to the EOC ©Minsk 2019

Promotion of Minsk 2019 has been cited as a key challenge for organisers with nearly seven months to go until the second edition of the European Games.

A largely positive progress report was provided at the European Olympic Committees (EOC) General Assembly here.

Coordination Commission chair Spyros Capralos praised Minsk 2019's efforts, highlighting how each of the venues are ready to stage the continental event.

Despite the efforts of organisers to raise the profile of the Games in the host country Belarus, Capralos highlighted how more work needed to be done to boost promotion across Europe and beyond.

He mentioned the European Championships - a separate event held in Glasgow and Berlin this August which grouped together existing continental competitions in seven sports.

"The television production will be of high quality and efforts are being made for the broadcasting of the European Games in all 50 European territories," said Capralos.

"[This is] despite the undeclared war on the European model of sport, including the new product called the European Championships.

"The major issue though, remains the lack of information regarding the European Games.

"Still many broadcasters confuse them with the European Championships.

"International Sports Broadcasting have reached agreements with 15 countries in Europe and 34 countries outside of Europe.

"They are also currently discussing with 13 more European territories.

"Special difficulties are found in Scandinavian countries."

Minsk 2019 chief executive George Katulin claimed that significant progress had been made, with the number of full time staff set to reach 450 by the close of the year.

He confirmed the Games mascot will be launched on November 29, with ticket sales beginning two days later.

Further details were also announced about the Games' flame lighting ceremony.

The Ceremony will take place at Rome's ancient Temple of Peace, the Ara Pacis, on May 3.

Dubbed the "Flame of Peace", the Torch Relay will visit several countries in the following days on its way to Belarus.

From Italy, the flame will arrive in Slovenia before heading through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and eventually Poland.

It will then arrive in Belarus, where a Torch Relay will take place in the country before the Opening Ceremony on June 21.

The Ceremony is due to fall on the longest day of the year, resulting in the shortest night.

As a consequence, Minsk 2019 are planning for a late start to the Opening Ceremony of the Games.

The EOC have requested athletes with competitions the following day have the opportunity to depart the Ceremony early, with all athletes required to be back in accommodation by 1am local time.

Organisers confirmed 10 test events will be held from November through until May to aid preparations.

Nine test events have already taken place.

An international sambo competition will be held in February, while an international test competition for the Dynamic New Athletics format will be held in May.

The Games, which will feature 15 sports, will run until June 30.